Clever Ways You Can Use Technology To Save Money

If you are looking for easy ways to save money, there are a whole range of tech based tools out there that can help you towards your financial goals. Whether you are trying to cut down your weekly spend, are looking for offers or cashback, these smart innovations could help you save £££.

Feb 5, 2020, Read in 2 minutes.

Cashback Sites

Want to earn money when you spend? It’s not too good to be true! There is a whole range of cashback sites that allow you to claim back money from certain retailers every time you shop online. Many of these sites offer plugins so you are notified before you checkout that you can get cashback too. Its easy to sign up via the Cashback companies website and follow the link to start earning while you spend.

Comparison Tools

If you love getting a great deal, you will be well aware of comparison sites. From car insurance to energy bills to mortgages, in a competitive market, it’s worth using technology to find the best deal for you. Every year, you could save a lot of money by switching suppliers and making the most of new member offers. If you have a big spend coming up, use comparison sites to find the best deal for you. Many comparison sites also have additional perks and exclusive offers, so look around for the best site to save you money.

Voucher Codes

And finally, good old voucher codes! They’re even easier to find today than ever before with the rise of voucher code websites, plugins and apps. A simple search can save you significant percentages, and sometimes you can even find free stuff online. Look for plugins that automatically add voucher codes to applicable online shops and remember to look for a voucher before you check out.


If you’re fed up of paying high-interest rates on credit card purchases, AppToPay offers an interest free app-based payment solution, which could save you a fortune on additional fees. With no interest to pay on purchases, the money you repay each month clears your debts much faster, better yet you can choose the period (between 2 and 12 months) over which you’d like to pay off each purchase and AppToPay automatically collects repayments by Direct Debit.

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Implement these tips today and you’ll be well on your way to saving plenty in fees and charges, making sure you get the best deal on whatever you’re buying and maybe even making a little bit of extra cash when you spend.