Repayment Holiday

Last Updated: 22nd of July 2020

Complete the form below to apply for a repayment holiday on your outstanding AppToPay account repayments.

Before you request a repayment holiday you will need to:

  • have made at least 1 repayment on all outstanding purchases,
  • have an active direct debit authorisation,
  • be up to date on all past monthly repayments and,
  • not have had a repayment holiday in the past 12 months.

Repayment Dates: if your next repayment is due within the next 7 days it is likely that your repayment holiday will start after this repayment has been successfully collected.

Response Times: We aim to process repayment holiday requests within 2 working days of receipt however at times of high demand it may take longer. We will contact you via email to confirm whether your request has been successful or not along with details of amended repayment dates.

Direct Debits: Do NOT cancel your AppToPay Direct Debit mandate. Your outstanding repayments will automatically be reschedule and nothing will be collected during your repayment holiday. You must keep an active Direct Debit authorisation for AppToPay throughout the duration of your repayment holiday.

What you owe: A repayment holiday does not affect the amount you owe, it simply defers the repayment collection date by the agreed period.

Please note; it is important to provide only accurate information when applying for a repayment holiday and that we reserve the right to refuse repayment holiday applications.

Repayment Holiday
Request Form

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