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Money Problems

Last Updated: 22nd of July 2020

AppToPay prides itself on being a responsible lender, only lending to those that we truly believe can afford to keep up with repayments however we know that circumstances can change and things can crop up from time-to-time that mean you might struggle to keep up with repayments.

In most cases, a short repayment holiday is sufficient to allow you to ‘catch up’ and get back on top of things.

A repayment holiday does not alter the amount that you owe nor will you be penalised for requesting one, a repayment holiday simply defers your outstanding repayments by a number of months to give you time to ensure you have the money available to repay what you owe once the repayment holiday finishes.

Before you request a repayment holiday you will need to:

  • have made at least 1 repayment on all outstanding purchases,
  • have an active direct debit authorisation,
  • be up to date on all past monthly repayments, and
  • not had a repayment holiday in the past 12 months.

If your circumstances have changed and your struggling to keep up with repayments click the following link to inform us of what has changed and to request a repayment holiday.

Please note; it is important to provide only accurate information when applying for a repayment holiday and that we reserve the right to refuse repayment holiday applications.