What is CreditKudos & Open Banking?

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James Jones

AppToPay uses CreditKudos, an Open Banking powered service, to quickly, accurately and securely work out your income and expenditure in order to issue you with an appropriate credit limit based on your individual circumstances.

Think of Open Banking as a modern way of sending someone a copy of your bank statement as you might have done in years gone by when applying for a credit account.

By using the secure Open Banking platform we know that the information you provide to us is accurate and true so we can issue you with an instant credit limit decision.

Our access to your information is temporary and on a ‘view only’ basis.

We won’t access anything apart from the summarised information about your spending patterns and you can revoke our access to that information at any time.

You can learn more about Open Banking here or visit your banks website and search 'Open Banking'.

What we cannot do using Open Banking...

We can't alter anything related to your account

We can't see your bank account log in information

We can't instigate payments to or from your bank account

What we can do using Open Banking...

We can view a snap shot of payments into your account

We can view a snap shot of payments out of your account

We can make an informed decision about lending money to you.

Access to the Open Banking platform is limited to authorised companies only.

AppToPay is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and accesses the Open Banking platform via CreditKudos.

Visit CreditKudos website here. View CreditKudos on the Open Banking register here. View CreditKudos on the FCA register here. View AppToPay on the FCA register here.

If you have any other questions (or you’re stuck for some other reason), please send us a message via the Help function in the app.

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