What is AppToPay

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James Jones

AppToPay is an app based interest free consumer credit product that consumers can use at selected retailers within the UK.

AppToPay offers consumers a new way of spreading the cost of purchases without incurring any additional fees or charges.

You can apply for a line of credit by downloading the AppToPay app from the AppStore or PlayStore, once approved for a line of credit you can make purchases with AppToPay using our app at participating retailers.

Each purchase you make goes on to a fixed term repayment plan, like a loan - allowing you to better plan your finances and avoid falling into perpetual debt traps.

This means you can buy the things you want whilst easily planning and managing your outgoings and not letting debts pile up by deferring repayments.

You select the duration of the repayment plan, between 2 and 12 months, at the point of purchase using the AppToPay app.

Once a purchase is confirmed, we then collect the repayments by monthly direct debit.

There are no embarrassing in store credit checks and transactions typically take less than 25 seconds.

AppToPay combines the spending flexibility of a credit card, with the structured repayment of traditional retail finance - all with no interest or charges to the consumer.

With AppToPay you spend it like a credit card, repay it like a loan.

Get up to £2000

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