How Do I Submit My ID & Selfie?

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James Jones

As part of the credit application process we have to verify who you are, we do this by asking you to submit two images:

One of your ID (Passport or Drivers License), and, One of yourself (A selfie). During the application process, when prompted by the app, first submit a photo of your drivers license or photo page of your passport.

  • Ensure the full document is clearly visible (all four corners and the full contents should be included in the photo)
  • Ensure there is no glare or reflection obscuring the photo or text on your document.

After you have submitted the photo of your ID, take a selfie using the front facing camera on your phone.

  • Ensure your full face is visible without any obstruction or covering, apply the same rules as if you were taking a photo for your passport.

Once you have taken both images, submit them for review.

We use a service called Credas who specialise in facial recognition and ID verification, their system automatically verifies that the ID is genuine and that it is yours.

Occasionally Credas will fail to automatically verify the images you have submitted and the images you supplied will be sent for manual review, we aim to processes these as quickly as possible however outside of UK office hours this can take a little while.

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