A Guide to Submitting Your ID & Selfie

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James Jones

Tips for taking an images of your Drivers License or Passport

  • Ensure the full photo page is visible, so we can see the photo and all four corners of the document.
  • Ensure the photo on the document is clearly visible and as free from glare as possible.
  • Ensure all text is readable and not obscured.

A good Passport submission looks like this (without the text blurred out):

Passport Example

A good Drivers License submission looks like this (without the text blurred out):

Driving License Example

Tips for taking your selfie

  • When taking your selfie, think about how you'd take a photo for your drivers license or passport.
  • Ensure your face is fully visible, remove anything that obscures your face.
  • Take the photo against a plain, uncluttered background.
  • Make sure you are evenly lit without harsh shadows.

A good Selfie submission looks like this:

Selfie Example

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