Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: 22nd of July 2020

Please read this Agreement carefully before using AppToPay Services.

AppToPay reserves the right to update this Acceptable Use Policy without notice, please visit this page and check regularly for updates.

You are independently responsible for complying with this Acceptable Use Policy as well as all other Terms and Conditions related to using AppToPay products and services.

You should take steps to be sure that any engagement you have with AppToPay and its products or services are not a breach of this Acceptable Use Policy or any other terms of engagement.

For the purpose of this document, the phrase ‘items, goods or services’ is not limited to one state or form, it should be interpreted to mean items, goods or services that are physical, digital, virtual or otherwise any state or form comprehendible.

Prohibited Uses

You may not use AppToPay products or services to purchase, rent, lease or otherwise engage with in any way any of the following;

- anything that is illegal or in any way a violation of any law, bylaw, regulation or similar device,

- narcotics, steroids or any substance or product that present a risk to consumer safety,

- drug paraphernalia and items, goods or services that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct anyone to engage in illegal activities,

- stolen items, goods or services,

- items, goods or services attained through any form of deceit or misrepresentation,

- the promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance or similar,

- the financial exploitation of, or funding of, any crime, illegal or terrorist activity,

- engagement of any sort with any form of bribery, ransom or corruption,

- items, goods or services that are considered obscene or immoral,

- items, goods or services that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction,

- prostitution or similar activities and services,

- ammunition, weapons, firearms, firearms parts or accessories, destructive devices or any items, goods or services designed to cause, or to facilitate the causing, of harm or detriment, whether physical, mental, emotional or otherwise to another person, persons or any property,

- the refinancing of existing debt, whether personal, corporate or otherwise,

- gambling of any sort,

- entering of or contribution to any form of pyramid or ‘ponzi’ schemes, matrix programs or ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, multi-level marketing, network selling, lottery, raffle or similar devices,

- the purchase of crypto-currency or similar devices,

- the drawing down or withdrawal of cash (i.e. cash back on purchases),

- purchase of any items or goods before the seller has control or possession of the items or goods,

- anything that is identified by any government or official agency as having a high likelihood of being fraudulent,

- anything that is identified by any government or official agency as having a high likelihood of being harmful to consumers or any other person, persons or property,

- the harassment or otherwise caused duress of any person, persons, group or collective.

If you are unsure about any aspect of this policy, have any questions or queries, you should raise them as soon as possible by contacting AppToPay.

If you are aware of any violation or potential violation of this policy, please report it to us as soon as possible.

You can contact AppToPay by any of the following methods;

by email; (24 hours a day)

by phone; 0845 388 0772 (Selected hours only)

in person; 2 South Parade, Bawtry, South Yorkshire, DN10 6JH, United kingdom (Selected hours only)